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The Ultimate Low Sleep Needs Guide is 17 pages of everything you need to know about a child with low sleep needs!


The guide covers what sleep needs are, a chart with the average sleep totals by age, how to spot a child with low sleep needs and what personality traits we often see.


It will take you through how to create a routine for your low sleep needs child, working out when to schedule in naps and how to approach tose nap drops.


The guide will also talk you through different scenarios of what to do when the naps go wrong, and how to ensure you still get a decent night of sleep when you feel like it will be a total disaster! (We've all been there!)


You'll get an insight into our experience of a low sleep needs child, what worked for us, and where we are now!


So if you suspect your little one has lower sleep needs, or already know this guide is for you!



The Ultimate Low Sleep Needs Guide

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