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When you want a night out but feel like you can’t have a night out… sucks, right?

Logistics can be a pain in the butt...

Especially when you wanted to be that relaxed parent who just went with your little ones flow, followed their cues and let them sleep when they want to…..

I’d love to be that parent. But my little chap with low sleep needs ripped that from my dreams! 🤣🤣

So that’s not totally true but what I’m saying is that logistics do come into in when you have lower sleep needs kids. When they still nap it’s a fine art trying to figure out a schedule that works.

So what’s this got to do with late bedtimes?

We have always had late(ish) bedtimes because Felix doesn’t need a lot of sleep, and we know that babies can only sleep as much as they need to right?!

So if we decided to put felix to bed an hour earlier than usual, this would result in a split night, early morning wakes or (what was most common for us) was a LOT of night waking….we don’t want that again thanks!

So late bedtimes and going out….

There’s a few options here, firstly….invite people to you instead. Do dinner and drinks at yours and then disappear for bedtime if you need to. They’ll understand. Talk your friends through the plan so they get it. We’ve done this a few times and it’s worked a great, sometimes people stay over. It means no scheduling time to be home by.

Another option is organise your night out for after bedtime. Maybe do snacks and drinks at a bar instead of dinner, or a late dinner! Book a table and let people know what time you will be home by. When I do this I know I still get a few hours AND my sleep!

Or, introduce another caregiver into bedtime and settling your little one. The most important thing you need to do is make sure that caregiver is familiar, responsive, and willing to do what they can to make your little one feel safe and secure.

Now each caregiver will find their own way of settling your little one and this is by finding a sleep association that your little one feels comforted by. This could be singing, a dummy, patting, rubbing, cuddling, rocking, a comforter or anything else really!

Before they do bedtime for the first time make sure they have had time to bond 1:1 with your child and they have a connection. Practice leaving them together and perhaps in the daytime asking them to do naptime. Take it slowly and once that caregiver is comfortable give bedtime a go!

Remember, if it’s a one off it doesn’t matter how they go to sleep. Whether it’s rocking, watching tv, while reading stories or maybe they sleep on them until you’re home!

Let the rule book fly out the window and allow yourself that night out that you deserve!

If you need any help introducing a new sleep association or caregiver into the mix, head over to

Emma x

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