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Welcome to the Happy Sleepy Family!

Hi everyone! I'm Emma, and this is the Happy Sleepy Family!

My main job here is to support you guys with your little ones sleep and get the whole family feeling a little more rested!

There is so much false information out there regarding baby and children sleep so I'm here to debunk the sleep myths, educate those who wish to be educated and help more people understand what normal infant sleep looks like.

My darling son really put us through our paces with regards to his sleep. I was one of those new mums who got sucked in to the generic one size fits all guides, sleep training disguised as gentle sleep methods (never brought myself to try it but I was very close), and then questioned my ability as a mother when things just didn't work.

I questioned why my baby is broken, why nothing seemed to work with him that my friends suggested, why in all my years in childcare I was finding everything so flipping hard, and as a result felt like I just had to cope and not ask for help. I ended up in hole of self loathing as I felt like a huge failure.

Luckily, it was around that time that I discovered this new, holistic and gentle approach to sleep. As soon as I heard about it, I knew this was more 'me' than any of the unhelpful advice I had gathered so far and ended up speaking to a Holistic Sleep Coach which hugely helped out situation. At the same time, I came across the fabulous Holistic Sleep Coaching program and I just HAD to enrol and learn more.

This training program was the piece of me that was missing. It made me realise that my Degree in Early Years barely touched on sleep and this was why in all my years of working as a Nanny, I could never advise the rather exhausted parents on sleep.

I joined the program and never looked back. Its made me feel like me again, a new way to help and support people. All my life I have worked in a role where I care for others and this just added to the ways in which I could do this.

I absolutely love working with my clients and it makes me so happy that I can relate to each one of them, having gone through what they have gone through. Its amazing being able to share what's worked for us with them, and incorporate that into their sleep plans where appropriate.

So, that's me! Welcome! I hope you find my content, blogs, advice helpful and please reach out if you need anything!

Emma x

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