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If you feed, rock, pat, or cuddle your baby to sleep, they will never learn to link sleep cycles…

Updated: Mar 27

This is another myth which is just ridiculous, yet I was told this so many times by various people.

I've decided that those people must be speaking from experience of what THEY did, and were told....or just need to be educated on normal infant sleep.

You’ll hear ‘you need to teach them to sleep independently otherwise they’ll always need you to fall back asleep’. This just isn’t true at all.

Whatever method you use to settle your little one down at bedtime, you keep doing that and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You won’t be creating bad habits or making it harder for your little one to fall back asleep during the night.

Felix is either fed to sleep or we lie next to him to get him to sleep. We don’t have to go back in and do this every hour (end of a sleep cycle), and he can definitely sleep long lengths without needing us. He wakes once between 2am and 5am for a feed, or a cuddle and then sleeps until it's wake up time.

Sometimes your little one may wake and call out for you, but that’s because there is something going on and they need you. This could be a nightmare, they are hungry, thirsty or perhaps it could be due to separation anxiety. It could also be related to discomfort, development or due to an imbalance of sleep.

Whatever the reason....night waking is normal!!!!

If your little one is waking in the night then please don’t think for a second that’s it’s because of your chosen settling method.

One day they won’t wake and they will sleep all night. They won’t call out and they won’t need you so much. As a new mother you hear all sorts of sleep myths and basically nonsense and it's really unfair because you may end up stopping the things that work, or feel more natural.

If it works, and you're happy, stick with it!

If not, I can help you make changes!

Pop over to and have a look at my sleep support options, see what works for you!

Meet their needs responsively and do it the way that YOU want to ❤️

Emma x

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