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Whether it's a quick troubleshoot chat or an in-depth sleep analysis that you need, I've got you covered.

Q&A Rescue call 45 minutes £69

-A 40 minute call to reassure, educate, and support you in the way that you need.

-Perfect for reassurance that your little one is experiencing 'normal sleep'.

-Ideal for simpler sleep struggles such as bedtime battles, split nights, involving a second caregiver at bedtime or needing to change your little one's routine.

-Whatever the problem is, we can work together to find a way to make things easier for you and your family.

-A pen and paper is recommended to take notes.

Looking for something more?
Have a look at the packages below


My Services

Support packages tailored to your family's needs and budget.

Please fill in the booking form at the bottom once you have chosen the package to suit your sleep needs. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, please contact me on the website form took book a free chat and we can find the right package for you.

Little Sleepers consult package WITH Consultation Call


The package includes the requirement for you to fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire and Five-day sleep diary for analysis.

-I will create a bespoke sleep plan for you which will include strategies and solutions, this will be sent direct to your inbox.

-We will then get you booked in for a 60-minute phone call to discuss the issues I found and how we can work to correct them. We can make changes to ensure the plan is perfect for your family.

-Following the call, you will also have one week WhatsApp support, and two emails to guide you through the changes. This can be used immediately after the call or within a month of the call, depending on what you need.

Little Sleepers consult-email only £99


This one is for those people who can receive a plan and put it into action!

-If you have no time, or requirement for a call, this one is for you.

-You will provide a Five-day sleep diary and fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire, then I'll do the rest!

-You will have your bespoke sleep strategies and solutions that reflect the issues you have been facing, sent straight to your inbox in a straight forward, easy to navigate document.

-I'll also throw in two days of WhatsApp Support to be used 9am-5pm any weekday!


NEW!! Group WhatsApp Coaching £29/month

-Three Q&A opportunities EVERY WEEK-your burning questions answered through text, voice note, or video.

-Small group sizes (maximum 8 parents) to enable personalised support.

-A network of like minded parents to share struggles and ideas with-chances are you aren’t the only one struggling.

-10%off follow up support booked (if you need more, I’m here for you) .

-Book on one month at a time as you need it.

To book or enquire for further details,


30 minutes follow up call:

 Existing clients £39

One-week unlimited WhatsApp/Email support 8-6pm add on support:

Existing clients £40

New clients £59

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