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Welcome to the Happy Sleepy Family!

About Me


Hello and welcome to the Happy Sleepy Family!  I'm Emma, mummy to a cheeky little one year old boy, and a childcare professional of 16 years.

My journey towards training to become a Holistic Sleep Coach began when I had many issues with my own sons sleep.  We experienced a whole range of issues and I was barely hanging on, with the lack of sleep affecting my happiness and relationships with others.

For months I struggled, believing that his sleep was  normal and I had to 'just cope with it', until I reached out and got the help of a Holistic sleep coach that I had been following on social media.


After learning more about this gentle approach, and as my Early Years training up to degree level didn't focus on sleep, I decided to throw myself back into learning and enroll on the Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme (OCN Level 6) and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


I have been able to combine my new knowledge and understanding, with my own experience of baby sleep struggles, to support families in optimising their sleep in a gentle, holistic and responsive way.


My aim is to work to ensure that your whole family are getting a better night's sleep.  I can create personalised, bespoke sleep plans to meet your needs and set your family up for a future of sleep success.

One size does not fit all, every child is different, and every family dynamic is different, and these are extremely important factors is finding a strategy to suit you.

So, that's me! Here, to help you to work through your sleep struggles the same way someone once helped me. I look forward to meeting you, chatting with you, and supporting you on your journey to catching more zzzzz's!

My Services

Whether the issue is early mornings, bedtime battles, hourly wakes or a baby that just won't nap, I'm here for you.  Together we can put to work some gentle strategies, suited to your family and their values, that will help you all to get a better night's sleep.  We can find the right approach in between crying it out and waiting it out.

But before we get started, I want you to know that I recognise that you know your baby best.  You are the expert on your child and you should never doubt yourself.  I've been there, I've had many wobbles, but the support I received helped me to realise that I was doing a brilliant job, and you are too.


Sleep isn't a straight forward process. It has its ups and downs and we must work towards normalising this. Your child isn't 'broken' and you are doing nothing wrong.  Lets work together to find out why your child's sleep is being disrupted, and optimise sleep for the whole family.

So what types of issues could I help you with?


There is an endless list if ways that sleep can be disrupted throughout infancy and childhood. Here are a few that you may have experienced and need some guidance with……


  • Sleep hygiene for the whole family

  • Bedtime battles and nap refusal

  • Naps-what is age appropriate, dropping naps and introducing cat naps

  • Biologically normal infant sleep

  • Feeding at night

  • False starts

  • Adding, removing or introducing sleep associations

  • Separation anxiety

  • Bedtime routine

  • Extending time between naps

  • Responsive parenting and supporting attachment

  • Sleep progressions (what many call sleep regressions) and how this affects sleep

  • Naps on the go and short naps

  • Reducing contact naps

  • Transferring a sleeping baby to a cot

  • Changing sleep spaces

  • Safe sleeping

  • Sleep needs-high and low sleep needs and sleepy signs

  • Introducing a new caregiver to bedtime

  • Early rising

  • Sleep myths and handing unwanted opinions on sleep

And anything else going on with your sleep situations, I’m here to support you

Sleep packages suited to your family's needs and budget

Support required varies from family to family with all our lovely little people being so different from each other.  Therefore, I have created a package for everyone, taking into account support levels, budget and options to add on support where needed.


Keep an eye out on my Instagram account for package offers and giveaways!

Who am I and what makes me think that I can help you?

Well, my little chap put us through our paces with sleep and I struggled a LOT. I thought my baby was broken. I thought I was a useless mother. I was very close to sleep training. Luckily I found the Holistic Approach just intime.

Eventually I decided to reach out to a Holistic Sleep Coach, and shortly after  realised that helping others through my experience was that missing piece of my puzzle.

Its safe to say that we have TONS of experiencing having dealt with multiple sleep issues, however we have overcome these struggles and I am very proud of how far we have come.

Thanks to Felix, I can use this experience to relate to, and support a wealth of struggling families.

Hear more about our sleep struggles and how we overcame them in my blog!


'Emma was totally non-judgemental and I felt comfortable talking with's early days but we are definitely making progress'

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