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The Postpartum Pod
with Emma,Gemma,and Jade 

Your support system for all things postpartum

As a new parent we all have questions about what is happening in the moment we are currently in, and about what ill happen as we move forwards in our parenting journey. 

We have created the 'Pod' to support you in your postpartum journey and to direct you towards the care and guidance that all new parents should have access to BEFORE they struggle.

Father with Newborn Baby

Meet The Team

Monthly Q&A sessions

Each month we will be holding The Postpartum Pod Q&A where you get to ask us ANYTHING that you need help with. We are here to help and support you through your parenting journey.

Join us LIVE on Instagram on Thursday 20th April at 10am for our first Q&A session.

Please submit your questions via the form below!

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